Protect your Precious and Do it Now!

January 5th, 2013 by admin No comments »

Have you ever had something valuable taken away from you without your knowing? Have you ever left something important behind simply because you were not paying attention?

You lost that something (maybe a mobile phone, a wallet, a watch, a set of keys…); and not until that moment you discovered your loss that you realised how important it was to you. It was not like you’d built you ego on it, but still, a piece of you seemed lost. Not to mention the “aftermath” – which was oftentimes inconvenient.

Some years ago, I had my wallet stolen.  It was a disaster for me because I used to keep everything, literally everything, that meant something to me in that precious wallet. Although I am an easy-going type of person, that experience struck me – I had to make sure that doesn’t happen again for the things and, most importantly, for the people I care and love. For me, it was a lesson learnt. From that moment onward, I have kept a close eye on my belongings. Not only that, I have been looking for electronic gadgets that could help me safeguard my valuables. Radio-frequency anti-lost devices, GPS trackers, and more…

Therefore with this blog, I am hoping to share my ideas and thoughts with you on how to protect you and your beloved with affordable electronics.

At the end of the day, we are not almighty. It is always a sound choice to safeguard whomever and whatever we hold precious.